CWF in Inside Sources

Posted by Olivia Grady on Monday, January 30th, 2017 at 1:56 pm - Permalink

Matt Patterson, Executive Director of the Center for Worker Freedom, was quoted in Inside Sources on January 30, 2017, about possible fraud in the Minnesota PCA union election:

“One Woman believes very strongly and provided evidence that the union forged her signature on an authorization card,” CWF Executive Director Matt Patterson told InsideSources. “The basic picture this paints, in my view, is that the election was highly suspect, and there was possibly identify theft.”

Patterson adds the union did respond by saying it held an investigation. SEIU Healthcare Minnesota determined it was inconclusive but still decided to refund her money anyway. Patterson notes the refund only happened after she complained multiple times.

“She is absolutely certain the union forged her signature in order to take money from her,” Patterson said. “You wonder how many people this happened to that just never noticed or they just didn’t complain about it or whatever. We suspect the number is fairly high because if they did this to one person, it probably wasn’t just one person.”

The decertification campaign now suspects the original union election may have been fraudulent. It filed legal statements petitioning the state to investigate the charges. The Minnesota Bureau of Management Services will decide whether to open an investigation, as well as whether to hold the decertification vote.

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