How Free are the Workers in Your State?

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Forced Unionization Catalogued in Updated Graphic Resource

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March 7, 2017

Washington, D.C. - The Center for Worker Freedom has introduced its 2017 Labor Liberty Indicator, a map highlighting which states allow for forced unionization in both public and private sectors.

The Indicator colors the map of the United States according to each state’s Right-to-Work status for government and private employees.  Worker freedom is measured by the degree to which workers are required to support labor organizations.           

At ‪, CWF research fellow, Olivia Grady, explained how the 2017 map has changed from the 2016 version. For example:

"In just the last two months, Missouri and Kentucky became Right-to-Work states, making the total count of Right-to-Work states 28. Approximately 167 million Americans are now living in Right-to-Work states." 

The 2017 Indicator of Labor Liberty can be accessed here.  

The Center for Worker Freedom is a non-profit, educational organization dedicated to warning the public about the costs and consequences of unionization.  CWF is a special project of Americans for Tax Reform.  

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