UAW vows attack on Chattanooga

Posted on Tuesday, June 17th, 2014 at 3:21 pm - Permalink

German union boss, Frank Patta, threatens American workers in Chattanooga. CWF's Matt Patterson writes today for the Chattanooga Times Free Press explaining that:

...Patta took dead aim at the Chattanooga VW workers who had had the gall to vote against UAW representation last February, vowing that the union will prevail eventually.

“Let me say this to our enemies,” Patta thundered. “We will go on … We will not be beaten.”

Now if that wasn't enough, the UAW elected a very aggressive new president at the Convention to replace Bob King. Dennis Williamson, elected unanimously, made it clear that the union has learned from the mistakes of this last year and will not give up on Chattanooga. Patterson writes that, “A new, more aggressive, more political president with more money is his pocket, a lot of options, and something to prove: The UAW just became more dangerous than ever.”

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