Union Thug Watch: Part One

Posted by Tucker Nelson on Monday, March 10th, 2014 at 4:20 pm - Permalink

Union members often have the reputation of acting mean and ruthless, but threatening women and children? Now that is a new low.

Sadly, this is exactly what happened last year in Washington State. According to a report in the Daily Caller, members of the International Longshore and Warehouse Union (ILWU) in Vancouver, Washington, have been charged by the NLRB “….. with not only attacking company workers, but with threatening to rape one manager’s daughter and issuing veiled threats to another’s children,” during a labor dispute that began in February 2013.

The threats came after the members had been allegedly locked out of their work place by their employer, wheat exporting company United Grain Corp. Union members retaliated by “implied threats to a manager’s children, chillingly telling the manager that they would ‘see his children at school’ and asking, ‘Are your children okay today?’”

The union members didn’t stop there, though. The Daily Caller reported that “picketers caused a security officer’s leg to be pinned under a moving vehicle….. shone spotlights into vehicles coming in and out of United Grain’s terminal, comprising (sic) drivers’ vision and causing permanent eye injury to one security officer.”

They say that sticks and stones break bones, but names never hurt. But the union wasn’t taking any chances and hurled both rocks and racial epithets at security officers who were just trying to keep the peace.

We shouldn’t be surprised to hear union thugs threatening managers and co-workers. But threatening children, and even “threatening to rape one manager’s daughter?” That is truly despicable.

Even the NLBR agreed.