2020 Elections: Union Endorsement Timeline

Posted by Olivia Grady on Wednesday, November 20th, 2019 at 2:19 pm - Permalink

CWF will be monitoring and updating this timeline until the 2020 election:

November 16, 2019: United Farm Workers endorsed Senator Kamala Harris:

“Senator Harris has the longest history of working directly with the UFW. She led the fight for equal treatment and protection of farm workers. She is author of the federal bill providing overtime pay after eight hours a day for America’s farm workers. She lobbied the governor to sign California’s landmark law in 2016 providing phased-in overtime and to strengthen the state rules preventing worker deaths and illnesses from extreme heat. She has joined farm worker marches and the 2016 UFW convention.”

Number of Members: 8,733

Workers’ Dues and Fees Collected from 1/18 to 12/18: $4,465,252

Cash Disbursements for Political Activities from 1/18 to 12/18: $399,817

2016 Election Contributions: 100% to Democrats

November 15, 2019: National Nurses United endorsed Senator Bernie Sanders:

“NNU’s presidents told the crowd of cheering nurses that Sanders’ dedication to rebuilding the labor movement and protecting workers—as the chief sponsor of the Workplace Democracy Act and as a cosponsor of the Protecting the Right to Organize (PRO) Act—was central to the endorsement.

‘Bernie knows our millionaire and billionaire CEOs will exploit workers with complete disregard for human rights, civil rights, or safety, and he understands that it’s union power — worker power— that keeps employers in check,’ said NNU President Zenei Cortez, RN, lauding Sanders’ call for an end to “right-to-work” laws and at-will employment, and his vow to protect workers’ right to organize and bargain collectively for better wages, benefits, and working conditions.”

Number of Members: 140,351

Workers’ Dues and Fees Collected from 7/18 to 6/19: $14,979,079

Cash Disbursements for Political Activities from 7/18 to 6/19: $1,116,391

2016 Election Contributions: 100% to Democrats

November 14, 2019: United Teachers Los Angeles endorsed Senator Bernie Sanders:

“UTLA President Alex Caputo-Pearl said: ‘Why now, and why Bernie? Because we want him to win in the primary election and because we need an unapologetic, longstanding ally of progressive policies to make public education a priority in the White House. Sanders is the first viable major candidate in 25 years in the Democratic Party to stand up against privatization, the charter billionaires, and high-stakes testing and to stand up for a massive redistribution of wealth to schools and social services. Critically, like UTLA, Sen. Sanders believes in building a national movement for real, lasting change.’”