BREAKING: Workers Reject UAW in Stunning Defeat of Obama Ally

Posted by Matt Patterson on Friday, February 14th, 2014 at 10:35 pm - Permalink
Chattanooga workers reject United Auto Workers representation in historic labor battle.

ATR’s Center for Worker Freedom (CWF) is pleased to learn that employees at Chattanooga’s Volkswagen assembly plant have resoundingly rejected the United Auto Workers and sent the left-wing union packing back to Detroit.

Executive Director Matt Patterson said in a statement:

“The workers at Volkswagen looked at the history of this union and made the best decision for themselves, their jobs and their community. In spite of the UAW’s multi-million dollar propaganda machine, and with company and government officials Obama’s NLRB aiding the union in every possible way, workers learned the facts and were able to make an informed decision.”

Patterson has worked over the past year with a coalition of local community and business leaders to help educate the citizens of Chattanooga about the UAW’s sad history of bankrupting Detroit and General Motors, as well as the union's aggressive liberal agenda, which includes millions spent on Democratic candidates and causes vastly at odds with the values of Tennessee voters.

CWF efforts included a billboard campaign across Hamilton County: 13 total, including 11 digitals rotating a variety of anti-union messages, such as "Detroit:  Brought to you by the UAW,"  pictured below:

CWF outreach efforts also included widespread radio advertising. The 30 second spot aired in both morning and evening drive times throughout election week on stations WDEF-AM News Talk, WGOW -AM News Talk, WGOW-FM News Talk, WDEF-FM AC, WSKZ-FM Rock, WUSY-FM Country, and WUUQ-FM Country.  Listen to our ad, accompanied by a slideshow of our billboard, here.

CWF contributions to this debate have been featured by the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Politico and Bloomberg, among many others

Patterson said:

“We were proud to have contributed to this effort and to have worked with so many of our great coalition partners on the ground in Chattanooga. We look forward to taking the fight against the UAW into Alabama, Mississippi and beyond.”