Dear UAW: An open letter to Bob King

Posted by Matt Patterson on Wednesday, February 12th, 2014 at 3:16 pm - Permalink

Hello Mr. King. My name is Matt. You don’t know me, but I feel we are connected. You see, I am one of the taxpayers whose money was used to bail out the auto industry in 2009.

You remember that, don’t you? Something like $60 billion of our money that President Barack Obama used to prop up Chrysler and General Motors. You know those companies right?  During the bailout your union was given 1/6th ownership of GM, if I am not mistaken.

In other words, your friend Obama took my money to buy you a car company.There is a lot of irony there. Let’s dwell on it for a moment, shall we? First, you are a big supporter of the President, aren’t you? I mean you talk about him all the time. After 2012 you even bragged — gloated actually — that the UAW and its “progressive allies” had scored a “huge victory” by re-electing the president. Your union gave over $148,000 to help him secure that re-election, so no wonder you bragged. And that’s the tip of the ice berg, of course, a mere fraction of the millions the UAW has given to Democratic politicians over the past decades.

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