Fresno Farm Workers Exploited By Big Labor

Posted on Monday, July 7th, 2014 at 2:47 pm - Permalink

Matt Patterson of the CWF writes for about the United Farm Workers and its (UFW) attempt to organize farm workers in Fresno, California.

Patterson explains the current situation and history of this conflict between the UFW and Gerawan Farming Inc. Stating that: “…the UFW ran into a little snag — the laborers themselves, most of whom were too young to have voted in the original union election more than two decades earlier.... see no need for a union.”

With no need for union representation the workers tried to decertify the UFW at Gerawan calling for a decertification election. The election was granted and the votes were cast, but have not been counted, sitting in a vault for more than 6 months. Patterson writes:

Does the UFW really respect farm workers? If so, they should ask the Board to count the ballots and respect the results, whatever it may be. And if union bosses are really confident that the workers value their services and want a union to bargain for them, then they need not fear the ballots currently behind lock and key.

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