Democrat Obstruction at the NLRB

Posted by Olivia Grady on Friday, September 21st, 2018 at 3:50 pm - Permalink

On September 17, 2018, Senator Elizabeth Warren (D) of Massachusetts released a letter to National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) Chairman John Ring urging NLRB member William Emanuel to recuse himself from a case. The Senator was joined by Senators Kirsten Gillibrand (NY-D), Corey Booker (NJ-D), Mazie Hirono (HI-D) and Tammy Baldwin (WI-D).

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Labor Day 2018

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Earlier this week, the U.S. Department of Labor released several videos celebrating the American worker. The videos highlighted President Trump's Task Force on Apprenticeship Expansion, the increasing number of jobs available today, Association Health Plans, criminal justice reform, and DOL funding to solve the opioid crisis.

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Celebrating Workers

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This week is National Employee Freedom Week. Thanks to the Janus v. AFSCME decision, government workers this week have more freedom than they had last year.

The Supreme Court decided in Janus v. AFSCME that government workers were no longer forced to pay agency fees even if they chose not to join a union. Agency fees are purportedly the costs of collective bargaining according to unions that nonmembers were forced to pay.

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CWF Supports Ending Dues Skimming

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On August 8, 2018, the Center for Worker Freedom submitted comments on a new proposed rule by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. The rule seeks to end union dues skimming.

Please see below for CWF's comments or click here:

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2018 Labor Liberty Indicator

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Since the release of the 2017 Labor Liberty Indicator, workers have even greater worker freedom.

On June 27, 2018, the Supreme Court decided Janus v. AFSCME. This case gave worker freedom to all public employees. No longer will workers be forced to support a union that they choose not to be a member of. 

In addition, there have been tremendous gains in local right to work in New Mexico. Eight New Mexico counties have passed local right to work.

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Missouri: Vote “Yes” on Prop A

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Missouri voters on Tuesday will decide whether to support the right-to-work law that the Missouri legislature passed last year or not.

Before voting, Missouri voters should know how important right to work is to their freedom and economic prosperity.

Despite what unions might say, right to work merely allows workers to decide for themselves whether they want to pay union fees or not. With right to work, workers are still able to organize and join a union, but they are not forced to support that union.

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CWF Supports the Employee Rights Act

Posted by Olivia Grady on Friday, July 27th, 2018 at 2:33 pm - Permalink

Yesterday, Congressman Phil Roe (R-TN) introduced the Employee Rights Act of 2018 (H.R. 6544). The legislation is co-sponsored by Rep. Joe Wilson (R-SC), Rep. Todd Rokita (R-IN), Rep. Lloyd Smucker (R-PA), Rep. Francis Rooney (R-FL), Rep. Bradley Byrne (R-AL), Rep. Luke Messer (R-IN) and Rep. Jim Banks (R-IN).

The Center for Worker Freedom supports the Employee Rights Act because it protects workers through three ways: secret ballot elections, opt-in requirements and union recertification.

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CWF Applauds DOL for its Rescission of the Persuader Rule

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On Tuesday, the U.S. Department of Labor rescinded the 2016 persuader rule.

The persuader rule that President Obama’s Department of Labor issued greatly expanded the reporting requirements of employers. Under this 2016 rule, employers were forced to report to the government communications between their lawyers and themselves on union organizing efforts. Employers were also still required to report communications between the employers’ lawyers and employees on union organizing efforts.

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Janus v. AFSCME: A Triumph for Worker Freedom

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On June 27, 2018, the U.S. Supreme Court in a 5-4 decision ruled in favor of Mark Janus, a child support specialist at the State of Illinois Department of Healthcare and Family Services. Justice Samuel Alito wrote the opinion.
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New Freedoms for Missouri Government Workers

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On June 1, 2018, Missouri Governor Eric Greitens signed Missouri House Bill 1413 into law. The Missouri Senate had passed the bill on May 16 with a vote of 21 to 11, while the Missouri House voted 101 to 42 the next day to pass the bill with Senate Amendments.

The bill first prohibits union dues and agency fees from being withheld from workers’ paychecks without an annual written or electronic authorization from each worker.

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ATR, CWF Applaud DOL’s New Rule on Small Business Health Plans

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Today, the Department of Labor announced a new rule on Small Business Health Plans, also known as Association Health Plans (AHPs).

The new rule allows small businesses and sole proprietors to join together to provide more affordable health insurance for their employees and themselves.

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Another Tax Reform Win: Jobs Report Trumps Predictions

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Today, the Bureau of Labor Statistics released its monthly labor report for the month of May. 

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ATR, CWF Applaud President Trump on Civil Service Reform

Posted by Olivia Grady on Thursday, May 31st, 2018 at 5:26 pm - Permalink

On Friday, President Donald Trump signed three Executive Orders aimed at reforming the civil service and supporting American taxpayers.

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The Left Thanks Unions for Their Support

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On May 18, 2018, the Center for Union Facts released a new report on how much money unions spent on liberal advocacy groups from 2010 – 2017. According to their new research, unions spent more than $1.3 billion in member dues on liberal causes.

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ATR, CWF Support NLRB Rulemaking on Joint Employer

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Americans for Tax Reform and the Center for Worker Freedom applaud the National Labor Relations Board’s decision to consider rulemaking to clarify the joint-employer standard under the National Labor Relations Act.

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Choose RTW States for Less Poverty and More Economic Opportunity

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Unions have advocated for years that wages are 3% higher in forced-unionism states than in Right-to-Work states. However, on September 1, 2015, James Sherk, formerly of the Heritage Foundation, released a report, which found that Right to Work doesn’t lower private-sector pay when differences in cost-of-living are accounted for.

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