Minnesota Politicians Help Their Campaign Contributors

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Labor supports Minnesota politicians who passed S.F. 778/H.F. 950

On May 24, 2013, Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton signed a bill (S.F. 778/H.F. 950) into law that declared personal care assistants (PCAs) “public employees” for collective bargaining purposes, leading to the unionization of thousands of these PCAs.

The Senate bill was authored by four state senators and passed by 35-32. The House bill was passed 68-66 and authored by 12 senators. Every legislator who voted for this bill in both houses has been endorsed by the Democratic Farmer Labor party (Minnesota’s social liberal political party, affiliated with the Democratic Party), except for one, Representative Ron Erhardt, an Independent Republican.

Why did they pass this bill? It has to do with campaign finance.

On the senate side, the four authors of the bill, Sens. Sandra Pappas, Thomas Bakk, Jeff Hayden and Chris Eaton, all received campaign contributions from unions in 2013 according to their campaign reports, which they submitted to the state government. The breakdown by Senator is as follows:

1. Sandra Pappas (author)

a. 2012 Endorsements: Minnesota Association for Professional Employees (MAPE), Minnesota Nurses Association (MNA), International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW), Inter Faculty Organization (IFO), Education Minnesota, Minnesota Farmers Union, American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME), Service Employees International Union (SEIU), Minnesota AFL-CIO 

b. 2010 Endorsements: St. Paul Regional Labor Association, Minnesota Farmer's Union, MN Association of Professional Employees

c. 2013 Labor Contributions: $1000

i. Inter Faculty Organization PAC ($1,000)

d. 2013 Expenses: SEIU Healthcare Minnesota (phone bank rental feee: $226.90)

2. Thomas Bakk (author)

a. 2013 Labor Contributions: $750

i. Hospitality PAC MN ($250), P.A.L. Lettercarriers PAC ($500)

3. Jeff Hayden (author)

a. 2016 Endorsements: AFL-CIO, SEIU, MAPE, AFSCME

b. 2012 Endorsements: Education Minnesota, Teamsters Local 32 DRIVE, Teamsters Local 120, Laborers District Council of Minnesota / North Dakota, Minneapolis Federation of Teachers - Local 59, Minneapolis Firefighters IAFF Local 82, Minneapolis Regional Labor Federation (AFL-CIO), Minneapolis / St. Cloud Pipefitters Local Union 539, Minnesota Association of Professional Employees, Minnesota Nurses Association, Minnesota Professional Fire Fighters, Minnesota State Building Construction Trades, Minnesota State Council of UNITE-HERE, Police Officers Federation of Minneapolis, Service Employees International Union - Minnesota State Council, Sheet Metal Workers Local Union #10

c. 2013 Labor Contributions: $350

i. MAPE ($350)

d. 2013 Expenses: Teamsters DRIVE Local 120 ($500, Returned previous year contribtutions)

4. Ms. Chris Eaton (author)

a. Endorsements: Minnesota Nurses Association, AFL-CIO COPE, Education Minnesota, AFSCME, Teamsters DRIVE, MAPE

b. 2013 Labor Contributions: $3050

i. Education Minn PAC ($250), IBEW Local 292 Political Education Fund ($300), Inter Faculty Org (IFO) PAC ($1000), Laborers District Council of Minn & ND ($250), Minn Nurses Assn ($1000), Minneapolis Regional Labor Fed ($250)

c. 2013 Expenses: Minneapolis Labor Review ($205)  

On the Minnesota House side, the bill was authored by Representatives Michael Nelson, Thomas Huntley, Erin Murphy, Peter Fischer, Jason Metsa, Patti Fritz, Sheldon Johnson, Mike Freiberg, John Lesch, Ryan Winkler, Rena Moran, and Frank Hornstein. The breakdown by Representative is as follows:

1. Michael Nelson (author)

a. 2013 Labor Contributions: $3450

i. Carpenters Local 322 ($600), IBEW Local 292 ($500), Joint Council DRIVE ($300), Laborers District Council of MN and ND ($250), MAPE ($250), Minn Nurses Assn ($1000), Minneapolis Regional Labor Federation ($250), Sheet Metal Workers PAC ($300)

ii. 2013 Expenses: Minneapolis Labor Review ($410 for advertising)

2. Thomas Huntley (author)

a. 2013 Labor Contributions: MN Ambulatory Surgery Centers ($500)

3. Erin Murphy (author)

a. 2013 Labor Contributions: $1500

i. Education Minn ($250), IBEW Minn State Council PAC ($500), International Union of Operating Engineers ($500), North Central States Carpenters PAC ($250)

4. Peter Fischer (author)

a. Endorsements: Minnesota AFL-CIO, AFSCME Minnesota Council 5, Education Minnesota

b. 2013 Labor Contributions: $1450​

i. Education Minn ($450), SEIU Healthcare Minn ($500), United Steelworkers District 11 ($500)

5. Jason Metsa (author)

a. 2013 Labor Expenses: Labor World ($301.87 for ads), Northeast Area Labor Council ($461.80 for phone bill)

6. Patti Fritz (author)

a. Endorsements: SEIU, Education Minnesota, AFSCME Council 5, Minnesota Police and Peace Officers Association

b. 2013 Labor Contributions: $750

i. Education Minn ($250), United Steelworkers District 11 ($500)

7. Sheldon Johnson (author)

a. Endorsements: Teamsters DRIVE, MAPE, Minnesota Nurses Association, AFSCME Minnesota Council 5, Inter Faculty Organization, Minnesota Farmers Union PAC, SEIU MN State Council, AFL-CIO, St. Paul Building and Construction Trades Council, International Union of Operating Engineers Local 49, Minnesota Police and Peace Officers Association

8. Mike Freiberg (author)

a. 2013 Labor Contributions: $850

i. IBEW Local 292 ($500), MAPE ($350) 

9. John Lesch (author)

a. Endorsements: Minnesota AFL-CIO, AFSCME Council 5, SEIU Minnesota State Council, Minnesota Nurses Association, St. Paul Building and Construction Trades Council

b. 2013 Labor Contributions: $300

i. Multi Housing PAC ($300)

10. Ryan Winkler (author)

a. 2013 Labor Contributions: $1250

i. Education Minn ($250), IFO PAC ($1000)

11. Rena Moran (author)

a. Endorsements: AFL-CIO; AFSCME Minnesota Council 5, MAPE, SEIU, North Central States Regional Council of Carpenters

12. Frank Hornstein (author) – No data to report

The above facts can be found on candidates’ websites and from the Minnesota Campaign Finance and Public Disclosure Board (Click Here).

SEIU Healthcare Minn was a donor to many of the campaigns of these legislators. So, it is therefore no surprise that these legislators would return the favor by allowing PCAs to become unionized, resulting in millions of dollars to this union.

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