UAW “Strikes” Again

Posted by Tucker Nelson on Friday, April 11th, 2014 at 2:13 pm - Permalink

As if the United Auto Workers (UAW) hasn’t made enough headlines this week, they are making them again, this time in Kentucky.

This particular union, UAW Local 2164, located in Bowling Green, Kentucky represents about 800 employees for General Motors (GM). This GM plant assembles the coveted sports car, the Corvette. This is the only plant in the world that assembles the Corvette.

Local 2164 union voted Tuesday to “authorize a strike over lingering safety concerns" and alleged mistreatment of workers, reported ABC News. The vote was unanimous, with over 90% of ballots casts in favor of the strike. The results of this vote give the union officials the authority to issue a strike if they deem it necessary.

 ABC News reported that Edmond Renaud President of Local 2164, has been quoted saying that “We're like everybody else, we're strike-shy….Nobody wants to have a strike. Who really benefits by it?" Then why authorize the strike to happen, Mr. Renaud?

The union believes the threat of the strike authorization will allow them leverage in negotiations with the company. But as Mr. Renaud said himself no one really benefits from the strike. Maybe this strike threat is being used to send a message? It should not be a surprise to anyone that this strike threat happens to be timed only weeks after the plant manager Dave Tatman retired, and new manager Jeff Lamarche took office.

The union is testing the waters with this new manager and sending a clear message to Mr. Lamarche, that they want to assert their authority over him.